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Fear Unlimited Arena Fear Unlimited Arena

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not again!

Hey, don't want to sh*t on your work or anything as I'm sure you've spend a lot of effort into it. Neither will I praise you for it as you'll have plenty of raving nerds going "OMG TIS THE BESTT!!!!111" comments below and above me.

For some reason, the controls were pretty clunky for me. I hate moving forward whenever I slash and it generally felt ... weird.

But really, what kills it for me and has been a problem for me in the original game (yours, not Devil May Cry, although it might be guilty of it too) is that I'm slashing at an enemy 200 times before it dies. Somehow, I cannot find it anymore fun than .... I don't know, shooting a pillow repeatively.

Here's real suggestion, and I mean REALLY give it a thought. How about less fucking hitpoints for the enemies but throwing more enemies at the player? I'd love to play that kind of game if I could just send dozens of these f*ckers flying in the air. With proper controls of course.

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